Pink Narwale Stained Glass Suncatcher  (Narwhal = Unicorn of the Sea)

Pink Narwale Stained Glass Suncatcher (Narwhal = Unicorn of the Sea)

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This lovely stained glass narwhal will make any room a little more cheerful! She's perfect for a baby shower!


She is strung with natural fiber twine but you could change it out for fishing line to make it look like it's floating in air.  Size is appx 7"x5"


On one side, her glass is a beautiful medium-intensity, whispy pink. The other side is a pale iridescent pink that catches the sun. This whale is finished in silver, but you can choose copper or black metal at check-out. 


Pick a finish 
Pick a glass color theme


This little pink whale is made to order; you choose the color and finish! Because it's handmade with love, each sheet of glass has it's own character and shade. Glass may vary ever-so-slightly from the photo, but the shape will be the same.


Fun fact: during this little lady's photo shoot, she tumbled off the dock and took a quick nap at the bottom of the river. My husband heroically rescued her. Check out the rescue operation at


Check out videos of me in the studio at


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    Because each item is handmade to order, I cannot offer refunds. However, message me if you have any questions at all. I'm confident you will love your piece!


    To clean this piece, use mild dishsoap and a soft cloth. Do not apply very hot or very cold water to the glass. Your piece comes with a coating of wax but should you ever want to restore lustor, use standard car wax and follow the instructions on the label. DO NOT BEND. 


    All items are made to order and shipped upon completion. Usually each piece is shipped within 5 days of check-out. Your little treasure will come nicely packaged in a secure shipping box.

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