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2017 Top 5 Christmas Gift Trends

1. Stained Glass

Everything old is new again. Stained glass has been around for centuries, but now young, crafty, artists have put their 2017 spin on the craft. It's showing up in fashion, home decor, and even on tv.

Above: TheArcusLocus at

Above: CrookedStore at

Above: TheArcusLocus at

2. Anything Personalized

Put their name on it and they'll instantly feel connected to the item. It's sure to be snapped and instagrammed. Sticking with the stained glass theme, I love this pet memorial. My dear friend lost her dog this year. I got her an ornament for the Christmas Tree with her dog's name and the bone is even her favorite color! When it's not hanging on the tree, it'll hang in her bay window. Click the image to be taken to the store. I find that Etsy is the best place to get personalized gifts because everything is handmade.

Above: TheArcusLocus at

Above: MaPetiteCoco at

3. Monstera and Succulents

The summer thing was gold pineapples and unicorn pool floats. But now, we're getting into the succulents and monstera leaf season. Do you know how many instagram accounts are dedicated to succulents? Check out my fav succulent girl at Zona Rosa Succulents.

What's a monstera??? It's those giant leaves that keep showing up on everything.

Above: TheArcusLocus at

4. Anything Made Locally.

Yes, even the President has recently promoted buying local. He also attacked my favorite retailer ever (Amazon), but let's not go there. For me, I'm shopping at the local farmers market and the gift shop my favorite restaurant Shuckers sells trinkets by local artists.

5. Pet and Collegiate Stuff

No matter what, you can get someone a collegiate blanket and they'll love you. If they aren't obsessed like most college sports fans, then their hometown pro team is a good substitute. Go Gators!

When the collegiate stuff fails, go to the pet stuff. If they have a yorkie, get 'em yorkie socks. Yes they make yorkie socks.

Above: Shweeet at

If they have a cat, for the love of God, buy them this cat condo from Amazon immediately.