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Hard work pays off

I've been working really hard to grow my fledgling business on social media. I think it's working. I just need to keep going and be patient. 

I'll be honest...I thought I'd sell a few pieces in the first week, but I haven't sold anything yet. I'm gonna turn that disappointment into motivation 🙂

I reached out to some of my favorite instagrammers and struck up a partnership. I think it's going to be a win win for all involved and I'm pretty excited. 

Here's the premise...

I make two original stained glass pieces inspired by work these artists have already made and posted.

I send one piece to the artist for them to keep. 

The artist holds a giveaway on their page for the other piece. 

I send the winner their piece and ask them to post about me

But here's the real gem....the artist promotes my page by asking their followers to share my picture for a chance to enter the contest

So now I'm making new friends, getting eyeballs on my page, and driving traffic to my online store. I love networking with other people who are just like me. 

This promotion costs a good bit of money, but it seems much better to spend money like this vs paying instagram to promote my page. 

I just gotta get that first sale and then I'm on to meeting my next goal! 

Btw, here's my latest latest listing